Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 27

It seems the DH One Shots up until this point have been stunning representations of Donghun’s handsomeness and beauty. I think it is fair to say that Donghun is both handsome and beautiful. Where handsome generally lies on the surface, beauty can go much deeper. So yeah, in my estimation he is both. Today, however, I am parking handsome and beauty to the side, and will travel along the Donghun cheeky and playful highway for this one shot GIF.

Whenever anyone who cannot wrap their brain around K-pop asks me why I like it so much, my auto reflex is to respond, ‘would any western idol or group do something like this for fans . . .?‘ and then proceed to show them some chaotic themed dance practice, variety show spot, or the equivalent. True, I love the music. I love the dance. I love the concepts. But the fan service (in my opinion) is next level and is what separates Korean groups and idols from their western counterparts.

I offer into evidence the following exhibit:

[My puppy love~🐶]

A.C.E’s animal dance practice videos are among my favorites of the silly-themed dance practices. Why do they do this? Well, for the fans of course. Often times these goofy, fun-filled dance practices are the group’s way of saying thank you to fans for pushing the views of a MV over a specific number. It’s all about fan service. Inasmuch as they make all that they do look so easy and effortless, it is hard and grueling work – and not just physically. Perhaps these quirky little dance practices are also about the guys being able to put their cares and worries on hiatus for a little bit (even if it is just seven or eight minutes), and just have a little fun.


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