Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 24

I think it is safe to conclude that when A.C.E decides to hit the streets for a busking event, it doubles as a free fan meeting. There are no minimum requirements to attend, just mark the date and time on your calendar and show up for the show. The takeaway is an afternoon (or evening) filled with memories of an impromptu performance. Such was the case at the Han River back on November 23, 2019, when fans were treated with some extraordinarily cute moments of a very handsome Donghun in blue suit and tie, flashing his gorgeous smile (eye smiles included) and his customary fabulous vocals.

You know, I have pretty much been able to keep the swoon quotient for Donghun to a minimum these past 23 days, but I am feeling some cracks in the foundation of my decorum. I vowed I would keep a relatively level head throughout this countdown but the more I learn about him, listen to him and watch him, the more Donghun’s talent and charm are encouraging me to open the fangirl flood gates.

The light and playful 들린다면 [If You Heard] on the banks of the Han, with Donghun alight in the warm glow of the autumn sun has me close to a breaking point. The voice, the charm, the suit, the hair, the smile . . . the Donghun of it all!


The fangirl cells have been triggered!! It occurred to me that when A.C.E was out there busking in late November 2019, it was just days before they were to embark upon their Under Cover tour, and just days before they were to arrive into my hometown for the start of that tour. There is such a beautiful synchronicity to all of this and I am certain as I move along in this countdown, I will continue to connect more dots as I discover more about Donghun and why my heart chose him.


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