Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 23


I was thinking, why not pay tribute to the many instances when our main vocal has turned the camera upon himself? There are plenty of Donghun selcas to keep this countdown afloat for a long time to be sure. And with roughly 616 days to go (geez, can we just get out of the 600’s already?!), those selcas will be a nice addition to the mix.

I am going to buck my usual tradition (but probably just this once) and start this sub-series off with something from Donghun’s early A.C.E days, as in shortly after debut.

The category is . . . pose.

Fierce and ready to take the music biz (K-pop or otherwise) by storm is clearly written in the intensity of his gaze. I have been learning quite a bit about Donghun’s journey and what is abundantly clear is that he wanted so sing, and so he did.


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