Waiting for Donghun ~ Day 5

Not sure if you are aware, but Mr. Lee opened up a personal Instagram account prior to heading off to the military. In fact, both he and Wow both did. Since both are going to serve as public servants during their military duty, creating those accounts was a fantastic idea as they will have some leniency in using social media as they serve, but in a very limited capacity. This little sub-series will pop up over the course of the countdown if and when Donghun updates his IG account. Before he left, he did christened the newly minted account with two updates.

On September 4, 2021, Donghun opened his personal Instagram account and updated with these two lovely shots:

Captioned: 🌿

And the second:

Captioned: 안녕 (Translation: Hello).

I was kind of hoping he would update a few more times before his enlistment date but I know he was busy. A.C.E had a comeback, did multiple fan video calls, and even had an online showcase AND fan meeting. They were trying to give their Choice as much OT5 content as they could before Donghun and Wow enlisted.

I look forward to and hope he does get a chance to update over the course of the next 21 months, if only to check in to say hello and let us know he is doing well.

You can follow both Donghun and Wow on Instagram at:

bldhue (Donghun)

sehy._.n (Wow)


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