On My Playlist ~ Think of You (안아줄래) [Taemin]

While it is easy to focus on all that went awry and continues to be wrong with 2020, I choose instead to focus on the one thing that single-handedly has saved this difficult year for me: Lee Taemin. Even though the world was pretty much in complete ruin when I woke up to his art and music in August, I think I happened upon Taemin at just the right time. I showed up on the verge of him releasing not one, but three albums (if you count his involvement with SuperM, and I do) which ended up being remedies I never knew I needed. That is, loneliness and isolation in need of comfort, and troubling times in need of a hero. Yes, in many ways, Taemin landed in my realm at the right time; and by way of music, art and his indelible smile, rescued 2020.

On November 20, as a surprise gift to fans, Taemin released a music video for Think of You (안아줄래), an upbeat and heartfelt B-side from his recently released Never Gonna Dance Again: Act Two. I am telling you, as much as I love his title tracks, the B-sides really deserve attention and love, especially the ones he writes.

The song. While promoting the release of his latest album, Taemin said in a VLive that Think of You is a song where he acts like a child who wants to ‘rely on you.’ He truly is the eternal maknae. The Korean title for the song is 안아줄래 (an-ah-jool-rae) which actually translates to: Will you hug me? Yes Taem, I will hug you!!! Ok this is exactly what I meant when I said Taemin arrived at the perfect time for me. There is something about his music that I find healing, especially in songs such as this one.

When I am so worn out and tired
when I am so sad and hurt
Be the place where I can lean on
Hug me
When I want to let it all down
When I think that I am alone
Be the place where I can lean on
Hug me


My red face
Hug it tight in your embrace
place your warm lips
On my forehead
Only look at me with your eyes
and when tears block what’s in front
Say a word of ‘I Love You’ to me
Just this one word

Even when the lyrics seem somewhat somber and plaintive, the upbeat vibe of this infectious pop song coupled with Taemin’s tender vocals create a concoction of comfort and warmth. Like a hug, it shelters and soothes. Taemin mentioned that he and the producers made the song more romantic than it originally was by adjusting the melody to suit the lyrics better.

The MV. Filmed in the storied streets of Paris, watching Taemin frolic and play in one of my most favorite cities in the world added an extra layer of enchantment. It is the best early Christmas gift a fangirl could ever ask for. Paris is beautiful. And Taemin . . . well, he is just too adorable!

Taemin mentioned that Never Gonna Dance Again: Part Two is an album that holds a special place in his heart. Through the songs he himself penned on the album, he was able to express the love and gratitude he has for his fans. Think of You is one of those gentle gifts of gratitude from Taemin. And like a hug, I am pretty sure he knows that the simple act of saying thank you can also be an incredible healing balm.

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