On My Playlist ~ Be Your Enemy [Taemin]

One afternoon about two years ago, I walked into my meditation room (yeah, I am new-agey like that) and was overcome with an intense floral aroma. It kind of freaked me out because there were no fresh flowers in the room, nor was I burning incense or any candles. I immediately jumped online and called READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Think of You (안아줄래) [Taemin]

While it is easy to focus on all that went awry and continues to be wrong with 2020, I choose instead to focus on the one thing that single-handedly has saved this difficult year for me: Lee Taemin. Even though the world was pretty much in complete ruin when I woke up to his art READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ IDEA:理想 [Taemin]

At precisely 3AM (6PM KST) on Monday, November 9th, I woke up from a deep sleep, my inner alarm clock sounding its bell alerting me to the fact that Taemin released the second part of his third album, Never Gonna Dance Again: Act Two and with it, the MV for the title track, IDEA. I had planned READ MORE

On My Screen ~ Black Rose Eye Contact Cam Version [Taemin]

In anticipation of the release of Taemin’s next album, Never Gonna Dance Again: Part Two, I find I am unable to curb my enthusiasm while I wait. The album will be released on November 9th, and although that is rapidly approaching, it is going to seem like 15 years. Ok, I am exaggerating of course, but READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Nemo [Taemin]

Truth be told, every song on Taemin’s Act One: Never Gonna Dance Again is in shuffle mode looping endlessly as I pass these quarantine days in this current work from home environment. It has been my constant companion since its September 7th release. At this point, I should simply succumb to the desire to gush over READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Criminal [Taemin]

I do not throw the word ‘masterpiece’ around lightly, or even often. But I think SHINee fans, and specifically, Taemin stans, would agree that while Taemin repeatedly creates artistic masterpieces, he himself is one as well. Since 2 Kids, the pre-release from this third album, Never Gonna Dance Again, I have been entranced, enthralled and captivated by this READ MORE