On My Playlist ~ Sunrise [Got7 JB]

I have to admit that over the past year I have been listening to more and more Korean R&B. So it stands to reason then that when a K-pop group, member(s) and/or sub-unit(s) within those groups take a trip on the R&B highway, I have been finding myself boarding that bus. Got7 is one of those groups. And even though they have been pumping out music since 2014, my sheltered, single-focused fangirl ears never wandered to have a listen. All I can say is this: I missed out . . . like in, missed the bus completely! Specifically where leader JB is concerned.

If you have been visiting the blog over the past few years, you will no doubt recall my many homages to MBLAQ G.O’s first artist incarnation as a member of the R&B trio, Tykeys. I have to believe that had Tykeys debuted now instead of 2007, they would have found their place and made their mark in the Korean R&B music scene. I credit them for whetting my appetite for Korean R&B and as a result I have been steadily collecting all kinds of music in that genre as well as seeking it out in K-pop. It’s no secret that many K-pop groups are influenced by western R&B and hip hop. It weaves itself easily into K-pop and has a universal appeal. And hey, I am all for a great track with booming bass lines that are catchy and make you move. But I have to admit, I am more interested in the slow and rhythmic sexy groove kind of R&B influence that has permeated itself throughout Korean popular music.

Got7’s JB knows exactly what I am talking about. As taken as I have become with what he has been releasing as both a member of Got7 and via his own SoundCloud account, Defsoul, I don’t want to unleash it all in one post. Instead, I would like to dish it out much like a good R&B song . . . slow and steady. So for today, I give you Sunrise, JB’s solo composition from Got7’s 2018 release, Present: You.

널 안을 때면 [When I hold you]
난 편안해져 [I feel at rest]
우주를 안은듯해 [Feels like I’m holding the universe]
다 꿈만 같아 [Feels like a dream]
내 곁에 네가 숨 쉰다는 게 [The fact that you’re breathing next to me]
너의 숨결에 날 취하게 해줘 [Your breath intoxicates me]
너만의 향기로 나를 감싸줘 [Wrap around me with your scent]
세상이 무너져도 널 안을래 난 [Even if the world breaks down, I wanna hold you]
너만이 날 숨 쉬게 하니까 [Because only you let me breath]

First, the atmospheric MV, which is more like a teaser because it is not the full song. Nevertheless, it is aesthetically breathtaking which lends itself beautifully to JB’s airy and gentle yet powerful vocals.

And here, the full audio version with lyrics.


Poetic, lush, sensual and soulful, JB certainly knows how to coax you into his lane. And once there . . . you definitely want to stay awhile.


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  1. missienelly says:

    Agreed with you on Tykeys’ debut. They would be so famous and get a lot more attention now. 2007 was the rise of kpop and there was little to no room for R&B. So sad.

    Thanks for recommending Got7 JB’s Sunrise. Never heard of it – I should go back to listening more music. I need to multiply myself!

    • Michele says:

      So so true!! There would be a place for them now – I totally agree! Yes….more music! I am secretly hoping for the return of Wednesday Eumak..hint, hint, nudge, nudge. I am happy to hear you are going to give JB a listen. I think he is a wonderful writer/composer. And I think he has a really sexy voice. Definitely check out his SoundCloud page, if you get a chance. That is where he really stretches his R&B wings and flies. I am just now catching up with Got7. They have a new release coming on May 20. It’s going to be a crazy week with Winner releasing an EP this coming Wednesday, the 15th. I think I, too, need to multiply myself!!^^ Happy Mommie’s Day!!~💕

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