The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 710

Every time I write about G.O, it is an exercise in celebrating his talent and beauty. His talent is a given and I will never tire of writing or talking about it. When I write about his beauty however, (most of the time) I am usually referring to something that is far deeper than what the eye can see. That is not to say that G.O is lacking whatsoever in the looks department. Far from it, actually. I think he is the most handsome man on the planet. That is a bold statement, I know. But I happen to believe it. So I am going to go to the shallow end of the fangirl pool today to get lost in G.O’s beauty. You know, to just sigh at some of the handsome captured over the years.

Sometimes it is difficult to not completely lose all tact and reason when I look at G.O. But I think I have remained very respectful and have kept myself in check. Oh, I may have called him sexy a couple few hundred times. I may have even commented on his fine physique. But I like to believe that the bulk of the homage paid to G.O here has been regarding his artistry as a musician, actor, composer and musical actor. I have also spoken quite highly of his character, warmth and graciousness. So I ask that you allow me a moment to just completely fawn over his physical exquisiteness today.

Those are only some of my favorites and do not nearly scratch the surface of celebrating how gorgeous G.O is. Nevertheless, I thank you for indulging me. And I thank him for bringing so many layers of his beauty to this world <~~~ the most essential of which are invisible to the eye.


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