The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 705

No matter how many times I go back to look at the incredible captures A Lucky Day gave fans during her time documenting the early evolution of MBLAQ, I am still left in awe of her work. And, grateful. Today I honor her (along with her subject of course) in my newly created category of Through Fan Eyes. Through her, we were invited to experience the magnetic charm of G.O’s stage presence, and often. From the TBS Sharing Love Concert back on 13 March 2010, I invite you to resist the lure of G.O. Good luck!~😉

Ok so yes, when coming to the stage for a performance, an artist must, well….perform. Whether it be a musical or play, the artist must fall into character, say or sing lines and tell us the story that has been written. With a live concert it is different. Yes, there are stories weaved into the songs an artist sings, but there is no script, no screenplay to follow unless of course we consider lyrics the script.

During a live concert, an artist must rely on his ability to connect and to convey that part of him where his art dwells. In some ways I suppose the idea of performance is similar but there seems to be an element of deeper reality during a concert because the artist is not a character, he is himself. G.O’s ability to connect and reveal himself through music has always been his special gift.


Moreover, G.O continually invites us to receive that gift.


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