The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 704


As you know, Vocal Virtuosity moments come in all shapes and sizes here on the Countdown. From short samples to full length songs, I honor all where G.O’s voice is the main attraction. Today is a short sample offering. And, as always, a beautiful vocal moment from our gentle main vocal man. At the 2nd Official Japan Fan Meeting on 12 August 2011, G.O serenaded his JA+ with a few lines from Kim Bum Soo’s 네버 엔딩 스토리 [Neverending Story] and no doubt created an ache for more.

If you have never taken a moment to listen to the original version of Kim Bum Soo’s 네버 엔딩 스토리 [Neverending Story], I urge you have a listen because I am certain it will make you want to hear G.O cover it in its entirety. It is a gentle ballad that is a song about loving, letting go and living with the hope of meeting again. This is only a taste, but it is enough to land itself into the Vocal Virtuosity archives.

I am definitely putting this one on my personal list of songs I wish to hear G.O cover again more gently and from more of his chest voice in the deeper end of his vocal range. And, in a scenario much like I have watched Bum Soo himself perform it: Under the soft spotlight on a dimly lit stage with only a single guitar accompaniment. Just the man, and his voice. It would be perfect.


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  1. 살인미소MBLAQ says:

    I would love to hear G.O cover Never ending story fully too😍😍
    Did you hear G.O singing that song but only verse1? I don’t know on which program he sang it but one fan uploaded the song file😄
    If you haven’t heard it yet, I can send it to you😀
    And your log is so great! I love reading your log everyday😄

    • Michele says:

      Hi!! Thank you so much! I am very happy to hear you enjoy reading my non-stop praises of G.O!!^^
      NO!! I have not heard him sing a full verse of Neverending Story and would love to hear it. When I watched Kim Bum Soo’s performance of it I was melting over the thought of G.O singing the full song. It is such a beautiful ballad. If you can, please send it to me at Thank you so much!
      Will you be going to his fan meeting next month? If so, I hope to meet.^^

      • 살인미소MBLAQ says:

        I’m sorry for the late reply😂
        And yes, I will send the song right away! The sound is a bit blurry but since his voice is marvelous, I think it will not be a problem😁
        I will go to G.O’s fanmeeting! I hope to meet you too!!~.~ So excited that we only have to wait about one month to meet him!😍😍
        Hope you enjoy the music! Thank you so much!

      • 살인미소MBLAQ says:

        I sent it just now! If there is a problem with the file, tell me please!!^^

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