The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 675

It is Day 675 and a Saturday. Saturdays are made for dancing so I thought I might sneak in a short G.O Dance Break moment on the eve of Christmas Eve. It’s bit of a playful moment that also confirms that G.O has some very agile hips. Let’s travel back to 2010 where on 26 September MBLAQ guested on MBC’s Flower Bouquet where G.O gave us his interpretation of Hyun_A’s provocative dance move from her song, Change.

There are 56 days remaining in G.O’s military service and I am determined to squeeze in as many dance break moments as I can, not all of which will cheeky variety show exercises such as the one I share today. Even though dance is not necessarily his forte, G.O has proved time and again that he is an athletic and coordinated dancer with great rhythm. When he took up the challenge of matching (or perhaps even bettering) Secret member Zinger’s previous interpretation of the dance, he many not have bested her performance per se, but he certainly gave us a hip show.

Have mercy! I am surprised he did not injure himself! But I have to say that I simply adore G.O’s ability and willingness to just go for it. The mark of a great comedic entertainer is putting inhibition aside, just going for it and having fun. The other side of the coin is that G.O also lays it all on the line when it comes to music, rendering himself completely vulnerable to a song no matter how intense or emotional. When it comes to sharing his art, G.O is completely transparent inviting us to see and feel everything. That is pretty courageous and yes, quite special.


[Video cr. absolutemblaq]


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