The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 674

My love affair with 2012 continues. And since I am not adverse to short clips, snippets and soundbites where G.O is concerned, I am fully satisfied with my choice for today’s Fan-Camming Friday even though it clocks in at under a minute. You know my creed: Any time spent watching and/or listening to G.O is time well-spent, no matter how long or short. So back to May 2012 then when MBLAQ performed at the Kyunghee Cyber University Festival and a little focused cam during the closing moments of Oh Yeah.

Mmmm…G.O is always a vision in black and usually I don’t like over embellishments on the jackets and such but this particular jacket had the right touch. Just enough to catch the eye and give it some edge. G.O has THE perfect shoulder line to fill a well-cut jacket and an even better V-line to his waist that makes suit jackets of every style (if cut and fitted properly) one of my favorite pieces of clothing on him.

My only nit with this jacket is that the sleeves may be a little short but it is inconsequential since he is wearing a black shirt underneath. Nevertheless, I like this jacket even with all of the buckle embellishments because he is able to freely move in it and it just really looks good on him. I also love how G.O wears the attitude of Oh Yeah.^^

Then again, he looks good wearing anything and anything wearing him returns the favor.


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