The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 661

I have been thinking about the Men In Blaq concert recently. It was MBLAQ’s first major concert and therefore pretty special. The one thing about the early concert tours that I did not get to experience at Curtain Call back in November 2014, were the special stages. I was thinking about all of the G.O special stages I did not get to see which makes me hungry for all upcoming special stages he will give us when he returns. But this post is not about special stages or even really the MIB concert. No, it is a just quick visit to a moment of G.O’s Fabled Fan Service that just so happened to have occurred on that day, 20 August 2011. It probably may not necessarily be deemed blatant fan service; but to me, whenever G.O engages with fans outside of the purview of a fan sign, fan meeting or performance, he is more than exercising fan service. He is exercising a desire to connect which is fan service on steroids.^^

G.O’s voice alone is a gift. Sharing his art like he does is a service to his fans across the globe. I have to confess that I am most likely pushing this particular moment into the Fabled Fan Service category because when G.O lets us see his beautiful arms accompanied by his warm smile . . .

. . .  is it fan service of the most captivating kind.

And, he must know it.~😉



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