The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 653

Happy December everyone!! Now that we are in the final month of 2017, the reality of G.O’s return is really settling in, isn’t it?! It is funny how at certain milestones of this countdown I would literally feel so excited. I remember how cranked up I was when G.O completed 100 days and now here we are with only 78 days remaining. I am really finding it hard to contain the excitement. I am sure you are feeling it, too. Speaking of feeling it, I am going back into the temptation vault for today’s Fan-Camming Friday offering choosing the sexy intensity of Y, because . . . why not? I think my wandering into G.O sexy land as of late is due to how independent and self-assured he has been this past year of his service, and how he is settling into that independence. There is something truly sexy about a confident man. And with Y, there was a bounty of confidence that oozed from every performance. I cannot help but revisit it. So then, I offer some focused cam from the M Countdown taping on 3 June 2010 which happened to be the day MBLAQ took home the first place trophy with Y, their first win on MCD.

Watching G.O during Y, hearing every note, seeing every searing glare into the camera, and watching every forceful move of the choreography sets nerve endings on fire. Well, at least for me. <hehe> Even if G.O is not your bias, you have to agree he attacks this song with a purposeful intensity meant to not necessarily make you threatened, but rather make you cognizant of his dynamic charisma.


So much charisma.


[Video cr. SuperPartyallthetime]

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