The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 639


I have to be honest. I am finding it increasingly difficult to calm my excitement and focus now that we are less than 100 days from discharge, especially after G.O’s recent chat with his G.Oddesses on 7 November. So many thoughts and emotions are crowding my brain, and my heart. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I find myself wondering about G.O’s future. And as much as I have been enjoying these past 639 days reminiscing, I am very ready for the next movement in the concerto of G.O’s life and career. Celebrating him each day has been the highlight of my last (almost) two years and will only be bested by the opportunity to be able to experience all of the new and exciting music, events and activities yet to come. But as we still have some time, I will pull the proverbial reins in on myself, and steer this countdown carriage back to 11 October 2013 for some focused Smoky Girl  cam of the ever debonair and disarmingly handsome G.O during MBLAQ’s performance at the IEF Seongnam International Game Festival Opening Ceremony.


Smoky Girl is one of those songs that leaves an impression. Whether it is the catchy chorus or sexy choreography, it stays with you and will remain one of MBLAQ’s most iconic songs for years to come. And even if I don’t think G.O gets enough singing time (hey now, my bias towards him gives me license to say that~^^), he does get to open the song and indeed set the sexy tone.

Seriously though, just watching him stand in some of those aggressive poses while not singing is pretty captivating in and of itself. Furthermore, catching him smile during the bouts of choreography is pure delight. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he takes one of those moments of pause where he is neither singing nor dancing, and acknowledges his fans with a wave. Sexy, adorable and gracious. A potent combination.

In my eyes, G.O will forever remain the most charming of charming men.



And indeed, the sexiest.




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