The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 638

We have all felt the surge of excitement when starting something for the first time. A new job. A new relationship. And I suspect for fledgling idols in the making, the same holds true when they debut. I am sure it takes some adjusting. But, approaching everything with gratitude and humor helps. Lately, I have been feeling extremely nostalgic most likely due to Seungho enlisting and having all three members of MBLAQ currently serving out their military duties. Even though G.O has a little over three months remaining, and Mir around nine, the reality is that all three are away. As such, I find myself looking to MBLAQ moments that are filled with levity and laughs. So today a look back at some backstage antics from the MTV M Show. Way, way back that is . . . 8 December 2009.

MBLAQ performed on The M Show that day and if I can find some focused cam of G.O, I will definitely return to honor the performance. For now, some backstage mayhem of the MBLAQ kind. As they waited to take the stage, G.O and the men found the perfect way to pass the time and entertain themselves by way of some kind of two-way mirror with a cam. Hmm…mmm, yes.

I concur there was a whole lot of cute going on there between all of them; however, my attention was fully hijacked (and rightly so) by G.O and his resplendent smile. Even through low resolution blurry video, his smile lit up my screen. I hope we get to see many more instances of that kind of smile from him when he begins his new chapter following military service.

93 days and counting! I cannot wait.


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