The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 627

As we inch towards G.O’s final 100 days of service, I cannot help but feel a sense of urgency to cheer both him and his fans on to the finish line. What theme song could be more appropriate than his solo song from the Mr. 아이돌 OST, Believe? It also serves as an equally wonderful addition to the Vocal Virtuosity files.

I feel as if this is the perfect song to get us all through these final days of G.O’s military service. It is an engaging and encouraging fight song for both him and his fans. We have come this far and even when time seemed to drag, there was always the belief we all (G.O included) would reach the end and at that end, find a new beginning to soar higher than before. In fact, if there ever was a time when you missed him so much ~ like in the first year of his service when his contact was very restrained and sporadic, this very song would have been the perfect pick-me-up for there is so much encouragement and yes, sunshine in G.O’s voice. Yes, I am as much of a fan of his sunshine or, what I like to call his smile voice, as I am of his emotional, forlorn and heartbreaking voice. He is the best of both worlds vocally.

But here, G.O’s voice is spirited and inspiring. It is filled with hope and a desire to accomplish while still being a warm and encouraging embrace.

~Even if you are down, you will feel his song~

What G.O will do once he completes his military service is the mystery each of us longs to discover. Will he forge a solo career while his MBLAQ brothers finish out their own military duties? Will that solo career include more OST work? Wouldn’t it be totally cool if he scored an entire film? It would really give him the opportunity to expand his composing skills. When I listen to any of his compositions, I know his abilities can reach beyond popular music into a variety of genres.

Yes, G.O has the artistic dexterity to explore it all. I say this because I believe in him that much.


[Video cr. Platypizz2]


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