The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 612

On 19 October, G.O updated with what I believe was his very first Instagram video. And a sweet one at that. Captioning it 4일 째, 항상 건강하자! ~ In 4 days, always stay healthy!, he let us know he was with leader Seungho celebrating Seungho’s birthday four days prior to his actual birthday which also happened to be the same day Seungho was to enter military training camp.

Sweetness overload!! G.O hash-tagged the update with: #해피벌떼이, the Korean phonetic English spelling for Happy Birthday. I have seen fans beg and cajole G.O to upload a video to his Instagram account over and over. Up until now, he has refrained. Frankly, I think he chose the perfect moment along with the perfect subject, to christen his account with its first video. He let the first be a moment in celebration of Seungho. Well done, dear music man.~😘

[Video cr. jung_g_o]



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