The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 611

Inasmuch as I long for a revival of each of G.O’s musicals with him back to reprise his roles, it is Gwanghwamun Sonata that I especially would like to see. Yes, you are right to believe I say that because it was the only one I did not see. Can you blame me for wanting to turn back time or, in the alternative, see him back in the tempestuous role of political activist Kang Hyun Woo? I was duly heartbroken when I recently discovered that the musical is actually being revived for a short run beginning in December. Waaah! I suppose what little is out there in way of fan cam and pictures of G.O’s performance is all we will get . . . for now. Today then, I would like to return to the Gwanghwamun Sonata stage to revisit the vivacious and energetic closing curtain call number for this Fan-Camming Friday.

What makes Gwanghwamun Sonata special and unique from a G.O-fan point of view is that it was G.O’s first musical theater role, and was a musical built on popular pop songs and ballads that had been sung tried and true before he made his way into the music scene. There is a beautiful symmetry to that because he is a quintessential ballad singer in his own right. The closing curtain call number had more of a pop feel leaving the audience uplifted and upbeat which no doubt helped shift the atmosphere from the more heavier and tender heart-wrenching ballads sung throughout the musical.

I cannot help but feel that it was a celebration not only for the close of another successful performance, but also a celebration of the music legacy left by composer Lee Young Hoon. Both G.O and Seungho must have felt very honored to have been a part of that legacy.

In my opinion, there could not have been a more perfect opportunity for G.O to take on as his very first musical theater role than Gwanghwamun. I believe it truly laid the groundwork for all of his future roles and certainly did for both Seopyeonje and Kingdom of the Winds. And seriously, could he have been more happy?

He is positively beaming. Yes, as much as I want to see G.O pursue a variety of musical theater roles (if his plan is to return to the musical stage at some point), I sure would love to see him return to the depth and pathos of Hyun Woo, but this time as an experienced musical theater actor who certainly has lived some of his own depth and pathos in the years since first taking on the role.


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