The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 610

I think there are probably many words in the English language beginning with the letter “P” that can accurately describe G.O, but none are probably more on point than the word passionate. I can say that with complete confidence when describing him in terms of his art, specifically his music. I believe he shows that openly with every note intonated and sung. Still, I have to believe that passion envelopes G.O’s life on many levels and in many ways. But for the sake of this ABC’s of G.O moment, I look to his music and say P is for passionate.

P is for Passionate

I so very much admire those who chase their dreams with focus, love and yes even desperation. To know what you want to do in life and then have the motivation, courage and resolute desire to pursue it with every iota of your being is rare and special. I remember reading an interview where G.O talked about his father bringing home a karaoke machine one day. I believe G.O said he (G.O) was about 7 years old at the time. Was that the spark that fueled the fire? Did he know when he sang his first note with the machine that his destiny had been secured? Was passion born for music at that very moment?

I can only surmise that G.O must have known early. But then, it really does not matter when it happened, it only matters that it did.

With so many possible performances out there that showcase the passion G.O has for music, I am narrowing in on one of my favorite performances. When I began consuming all that I could on G.O after discovering him, his 23 November 2013 performance of Lim Chang Jung’s 나란 놈이란 [A Guy Like Me] on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook was one of the first I watched. It has everything I love about a tender ballad. For one, voice and piano, two of my favorite musical instruments. It is also very gentle yet climbs to a powerful climatic point soaring up the vocal mountain of G.O’s mighty voice.

G.O’s performance is simply perfect. It gives us heartache, longing, desperation and yes, passion.

Passion . . . it is written all over him.

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