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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 575

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I am going to keep this One Shot very sweet and simple today. An adorable and swoon-worthy capture from MBLAQ’s variety/reality show Hello Baby. You will remember this moment and also how your hearts most assuredly melted just a little bit.

There were many sweet moments during the entire 5th season of KBS Joy’s Hello Baby. But, in my very biased opinion, G.O had the bulk of them. Including this One Shot .gif choice for today:

This .gif makes me beam with as much delight as the sweet sparkle from G.O’s eyes. Dayoung’s shy peck on appa G.O’s cheek is dainty and adorable. Really, this moment from Hello Baby makes my heart smile and melt simultaneously. Precious overload!!




Author: Michele

Travel junkie, amateur photographer, veganista, and purveyor of random acts of kindness.

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