The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 574

I think you will agree that the overall exercise of this countdown series has placed me in a perpetual state of nostalgia. I suppose it is not all that surprising given the parcels of history I have been sharing throughout these past 500+ days. Sometimes I wonder if the nostalgia makes fans sad in some respects. It is undeniable that MBLAQ has evolved and changed since their debut in more ways than simply the change in dynamics from a five man group to three. Still, the journey to the now is an important part of their collective as well as individual journeys. Therefore, I like to look back, even way back like I will do today with a From The Studio moment and the MBC Chin Chin radio performance of This Love.

MBLAQ hit the MBC radio studios to sit down with DJ Taeyeon on 28 October 2009 which was (as you know) about two weeks following their debut. They performed four songs in the studio that day but I am focusing on the Maroon 5 cover because I love hearing G.O sing it! I know this is not a solo effort but you all know my ears automatically tune in to G.O when he sings. I am not discounting the work of both Seung Ho or Cheondung as I love this cover collaboration. But, G.O will always stand out.

Is it my imagination or maybe my extreme bias, but did the Chin Chin studio cam operator give G.O a little more camera love during this performance than he (or she) did Seung Ho and Cheondung? You would think that it was me operating the cam that day, right? <hehe> I think my extreme bias just naturally has me seeing him more no matter how much cam time he is given. Nevertheless, G.O’s blatant talent and quiet charisma have always been (and continue to be) very magnetic.

I appreciate these early radio studio visits and performances very much. Not yet polished into the diamonds they would become, these moments are special because fans and DJs were all meeting the guys as they stepped into the K-pop wave. As a true lover of history, I cannot help but want to preserve and honor G.O’s journey; something I hope to continue well past these remaining 157 days!

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