The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 553

말하지 말걸 [I Shouldn’t Speak] was the first MBLAQ ballad I completely fell in love with when I began my journey as an A+. You have to remember, I came to the party late and thus began purchasing their albums all out of sync relative to their release. I recall being captivated by the Mona Lisa concept with my newly established bias paying homage to one of my favorite actors, James Dean. I was quite intrigued. Mona Lisa was one of the first albums I purchased both physically and digitally. 말하지 말걸 [I Shouldn’t Speak] was the lone ballad on the album and it caught my special attention. Even though a solid group effort, G.O’s vocals tear at my heart. His voice in the studio version is perfection, filled with all the of longing, pain, and sadness that accompanies the end of a relationship. Hearing and watching G.O sing this song live however deepens the poignancy of the regret-laced lyrics that he brings to heart-wrenching life with every note. A Vocal Virtuosity moment today from the Curtain Call stage back on 30 November 2014. Sigh . . .

I cannot help but feel that the heartache G.O sang about the evening of 30 November was in part real. To sing a song about heartbreak while your heart is breaking . . . well, it doesn’t get any more real than that.

말하지 말걸 [I Shouldn’t Speak] is a song that continually wreaks me. Yet, the absolute beauty in the way G.O sings it, particularly in the way he handles the chorus and the final agonizing ‘baby‘ are incredible moments of supreme (and sublime) vocal virtuosity. I cannot help but go back to this song time and again.


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