The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 552

I woke up this morning with Broken on my mind. The Broken era still remains very bittersweet. And when I push aside what still aches in my heart from 2014, I am overcome with the sweet from that era. The masterpiece of an album MBLAQ delivered and the maturity and sophistication they settled so comfortably into really is unmatched when you place them side-by-side their contemporaries. No group (in my opinion) comes close. And while it is true that theirs may have been a story wrought with some sadness, it will never tarnish or take away from their incredible evolution collectively as a group and even more importantly, as men and individual artists. My One Shot today comes in .GIF form, a moment from the Broken showcase and the provocative, 남자 답게 [Be A Man].

With the release of Broken, MBLAQ were boys no longer and 남자 답게 [Be A Man], declared it so. They (and specifically G.O) have always been men in my eyes, different and more mature than their K-pop counterparts. Every song on the Broken album is mature and thoughtful; and with his every moment on stage, G.O continued to evolve as an artist.

The suit. The song. The jacket flip. The man. Perfection.




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