The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 551

It is 21 August and G.O has given us ten updates for this month alone with his latest coming last night. Once again from the sweet sanctuary of his studio, G.O proved what I have believed since I fell under his spell: he radiates and glows with his very own special light. Or maybe he was standing a little too close to the studio lights when he snapped the selcas.~😘

Either way, G.O’s survival reports are creating true impatience. These final 180 days will not pass quickly enough; however, if he continues on this current survival report trajectory, we could conceivably see 50 more updates before he is discharged. Can you imagine???!

On the evening of 20 August, our mischievous music man posted two selcas roughly an hour apart from each other. In his first, he said  ‘I didn’t shampoo my hair but I have backlight’ [머리안감았지만 후광있죠?]. Haahahaha!! I see it more like the ray of possibly a halo which is beaming down on him. What really captured my attention more than the bright exposure though were his eyes. G.O has been blessed with the most expressive and soulful eyes. Oh my . . .


He decided upon a do-over. Ok, I am always on board for multiple selcas in one night. This time G.O remarked about the ‘importance of shampoo’ [샴푸의 중요성]. <😜> He then left another comment, perhaps in response to someone asking, ‘No, this is also didn’t shampoo’ [아니 이것도 안감은 거라고].

ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ


Wish I looked this good without shampooing my hair!!! Still, G.O’s expressive eyes, his perfectly shaped lips framed by his sexy goatee, and yes, even that softly furrowed brow seem to make him glow under his studio lights all that much more incandescently, shampooed hair or not!


[Image cr. jung_g_o]




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