The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 548

There are days when G.O is almost too much man for my fragile female heart to endure. Really, at this point after four years of diligently admiring him you would think that I would have built up some resistance. What I am learning however, is that there is no armor or weaponry strong enough to help ward off G.O’s magnetism. It is simply impossible. That point is further driven home with incredible force when I come across cams that capture his extremely potent charisma (which is pretty much every capture). It is Fan-Camming Friday and for today, I thought we could head back to November 2013 and a clip of the aggressive and powerful 다시 [Again] from MBLAQ’s Sensation Tour, Taiwan edition.

G.O’s healthy combination of gentleness and dynamic power is pretty much prevalent on a daily basis, at least from what I can see (and feel). But somehow it felt extremely heightened during the Sensation Tour. On the one hand, there was the tender but achingly forceful Song For Your Tears, the Javier Colon cover he chose to sing during his solo stage during the mid-November leg of the tour; a song that literally rips your heart apart. While on the other end of the spectrum, there were performances like 다시 [Again] that rolled in like a sensual freight train reminding us of G.O’s potent masculinity and scintillating charisma.

I never want to complain about fan cams because I am ever grateful there are so many available, but I will say that I would have loved to have seen this performance captured in its entirety. But hey, I’m not greedy. This minute and a half is plenty enough fire and intensity to start my weekend off right. And seriously, when isn’t a little G.O fire and intensity a good way to usher in any weekend? Here are some more gorgeous moments from Taiwan that November evening:


[Image cr. as tagged; video cr. Kyamax8110]



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