The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 546

This first Vocal Virtuosity moment for the month of August will be an extension of the last one in July. Yes, I am returning to the Seopyeonje stage and not for one of the soothing ballads. I ended July with the roar of Alive and burst into August with the haunting 청춘이 묻는다 [Youth Asks].

When Act Two opens, Dong Ho has achieved rock star status yet the lyrics of 청춘이 묻는다 [Youth Asks] suggest that he is still unsettled: ‘I do not know where to go . . . please someone answer me . . . youth asks, where is the road?’ Even though it seems as if Dong Ho has found his voice, he is still lost, conflicted and confused, haunted by a crippling ambivalence that refuses to release him. He implores the universe, his own conscience . . . anyone, to help him find his way.

G.O as Dong Ho was a perfect fit because of his capability to access anguish as both an actor and vocalist. The audience felt Dong Ho’s suffering in every note. G.O was as powerful and convincing whether the song was a gentle ballad or aggressive rock number such as청춘이 묻는다. In fact, I think he proved to staunch musical theater fans that he had a versatility and range that deserved attention.

There will never be enough hours in the day, or vocabulary sufficient enough for me to describe how amazing G.O was in Seopyeonje. But I will keep trying every chance I get!


[Video cr. 박정희]



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