The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 528

For some reason today I started to think about rookie cyber crime unit detective Lee Tae Kyun. It has been awhile since I watched 유령 [Ghost] and I may be ready for a re-watch. In the meantime, a little Lee Tae Kyun love for today’s G.O One Shot. I have been breaking my one shot rules quite a bit lately so today I continue the tradition with some LTK .gif spam. He’s too cute!

Some serious LTK . . .


* * *

Some cutesy LTK . . .

😉 😉 😉

I think this is the first episode we meet Detective Lee Tae Kyun and I recall on my first watch being so taken off guard seeing G.O in a drama. This was in my early stages of discovery so I had no knowledge of any of his previous drama work and was just getting my proverbial feet wet in watching any of his small screen work, including variety. I admit to rewinding his little introductory moment up there a few times. There was just too much charm and cute going on in that quick scene for one watch. After I finished Ghost, I knew I wanted to see G.O in more acting roles. Let’s hope that G.O’s journey into film just prior to enlistment sparked a renewed interest to further explore more acting roles. Music first, though.~^^

[.GIFS compliments of rainbowbbobo]



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