The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 526

Beanie, shades and face mask will never retract from this guy’s omnipresent swag and stylish good looks. G.O proved just that back on 24 April 2012 as he glided through Gimpo Airport en route to Japan drenched in masculine shades of grey and black that coordinated like perfect pieces of a fashion puzzle. Haute airport couture. I felt like another Airport Style offering for today because sometimes watching G.O walk through an airport is like seeing him take flight from a different kind of runway altogether.

I enjoyed G.O’s entire ensemble during this particular departure. The Chrome Hearts beanie added some edge to his sleek and sophisticated look. And oh, he was wearing a pair of my favorite footwear on him, too. Sleek, edgy, and sexy. It was all going on that day at Gimpo. Then there was a splash of adorable as he allowed his cute-as-a-button nose to peek out above his face mask. I think he has the cutest nose so yes, I wanted to call attention to the fact that he did not cover it up.

G.O really needs to give himself much more credit in his ability to coordinate fashion and style when he dresses, right? True (and unlike the rest of us), he knew he would encounter fans and media when word of MBLAQ traveling hit. As a result, he would be making a public appearance so to speak. So sure, he wants to look good. But let’s be honest, G.O could roll out of bed in onesie pajamas and still manage to make that look stylish.

ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ

Ok honey . . . maybe that’s stretching it. But I don’t know . . . I think I might be right!

Before I call it a wrap here for Day 526, I want to give a mini milestone reminder: in less than a week’s time, G.O will have under 200 days remaining in his service!!! Have you picked out what you will wear for the fan meeting yet?


[Image cr. as tagged; video clip cr. Prang Park]

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