The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 524

I was looking forward to the letter J because I knew the word I would be choosing would be ‘jeweled.’ The word holds two meanings for me when I think in terms of describing G.O. First, the obvious: the tasteful and attractive way in which he accessorizes with jewelry. And second, the more esoteric idea being that G.O himself is a gem ~ indescribably precious and invaluable. Corny? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it is my choice for today’s installment of The ABC’s of G.O.

J is for Jeweled

I must be frank and confess that I have not always appreciated men wearing jewelry outside of say a wedding band and/or wristwatch. I am hardly conservative so that may come as a bit of a surprise, right? Well, what I do like when it comes to men and jewelry is simplicity. Accessorizing is all about accentuating personal style. With G.O, I find an eclectic balance in the way he pairs and wears his jewelry. On him, it looks sexy, especially rings and anything on his wrists. G.O has incredibly beautiful hands with elegant and extraordinarily long fingers. That is the kind of criteria that encourages ring wearing ~ almost demands it!

As for his wrists, I know I have commented on the past how powerful, strong and shapely they are. Any type of bracelet or wristwatch wear well on G.O’s wrists and accentuate both his hands and his forearms. I am telling you, the man is a symmetrical physical masterpiece!

From smaller linked stainless steel to large, thick and weighty linked bracelets, both exude a style that is simultaneously graceful and masculine. Inasmuch as he seems to give equal attention to both wrists when wearing bracelets, G.O tends to favor his dominant left hand side more often.

G.O has sported a variety of different wristwatches over the years, but their does seem to be a favorite among his collection and it is my favorite as well. If anyone knows the make of the beautiful squared-faced watch with roman numerals on the watch face, please share. This watch is a sophisticated piece of jewelry that is classic and timeless. We have seen him wear this watch often and in many public situations. It is lovely.

There was a time when G.O wore a chain or some kind of necklace as part of his jewelry repertoire; however by the Broken era, he seemed to abandon wearing them. Finally, his wonderfully shaped earlobes have been pierced since probably before Tykeys days and whether he chooses to wear simple diamond studs . . .

or his favorite Chrome Hearts duo, G.O’s earring choices suit his style never looking awkward or out of place. Come on, we have all seen men make some odd earring choices that tend to be distracting. My point with G.O is that when he opts to wear earrings, it is always tasteful and he always look good.

My secondary reason for choosing jeweled to represent J, is that I believe G.O is a gem all unto himself. There are many definitions for the word gem, the most obvious being that of a precious or semi-precious stone of some kind like a diamond, emerald or ruby. But in terms of G.O being a gem, the more fitting definition is: something prized especially for great beauty or perfection; or a highly prized or well-beloved person.

If you ask me, I would say those are both truthful appraisals.


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