The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 520

I really thought that I would settle into a fan meet/fan sign fan cam for today’s Fan-Camming Friday moment. That was my plan any way. But whenever I come across a cam of G.O singing, the choice is automatically made for me! This happened today when I came across a cam of G.O performing his second digital single, Play That Song during the Seoul Sensation Tour in November 2013. Usually come Friday, I am cranked up for the weekend. Not today. No, today, I want to ease into Friday with grace and romance. Is there any better way to do that than with G.O’s velvety voice?

There will always be magical moments when G.O is given the entire stage on his own to deliver his art and share his heart in song. It was fortuitous that the release of Play That Song coincided with the Sensation Tour and he was able to bring it to his solo stage live for what was probably the very first time. Lucky are the fans who experienced any of G.O’s solo stages. But when he got to share his solo work, even better I would think. Play That Song clearly has a very special place in his heart for he has brought it to more than one solo stage performance. You will recall that it was part of the set list for his first stage of 2015 at the Gimhae New Year’s event, and his last stage before entering military camp in 2016 at the I.Callist Idol Vocal Concert.

It is perhaps G.O’s very own sentimental favorite. One that he sincerely he loves to share with his fans and as seen in the cam for today, encourages vocal participation during the performance. Over the course of my concert going throughout the years, I often wondered what the artists thought when the crowd sang along. Every lyric, every nuance, every breath. As is evidenced by his smile, G.O was quite pleased when A+ sang along, and even turned over the microphone to fans briefly to sing a phrase or two.

Frankly, if G.O would have knelt down near the edge of the stage anywhere in the vicinity close to me like he did in the cam today, I would probably miss the remainder of the show! I am not at all ashamed to say that even though I am of advanced age, I still swoon like a tween!

Goodness, can you blame me?^^


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