The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 518

To me, when an artist wants to use his art to touch the deepest part of people, to make them feel something, that is an act of absolute intimacy. Now before you get all squeamish thinking this post is going to get all PG-13 or R-rated, it will not. I do not mean that kind of intimacy. Most of us are guarded in our emotions and hesitant to let people in, or let people get close. Music though has a way of circumventing those defenses. However, it usually takes a profound piece of music to accomplish it and an artist adept in interpreting such. Without an honest guide who is filled with depth and emotion, music can be come a cacophony of unorganized sound unable to connect with the listener. As you all know, I believe G.O is an honest guide. One filled with depth and emotion who is able to connect with all who will listen.

I is for Intimate

Where do I possibly begin to choose only one moment of music intimacy that G.O has shared when it could very well be every single one of them in existence? It is impossible. But for the sake of this post, I am going back to one of his Immortal Song 2 stages. One of his two wins, to be exact. The performance on 15 September 2012 of Yoo Shi Nae’s 사랑의 시 [Love’s Poem] was one of the more beautiful exemplifying moments wherein we got to experience music intimacy with G.O.

Indeed, G.O’s own relationship with music is equally intimate. The way he gets lost in a song is dreamy, romantic and sometimes painful. What makes it even more intimate is that G.O allows us to take the journey with him, to be there as his music love story unfolds.




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