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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 531

If my little Soldier Star Calendar app is correct, I think today may be the day G.O will officially move up in rank to 병장 or, Sergeant!! I am so proud of him! Equally exciting is the fact that he now has only 200 days remaining in his military service. The excitement and anticipation are growing daily, can you feel it? He will be back before we know it. Hopefully the forthcoming new chapter in G.O’s ever-evolving career will best all previous ones with a happiness and success that knows no bounds. Hang in there, G.Oddesses, 200 days are going to fly, trust me!

Congrats to our charming Army Sergeant!



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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 518

To me, when an artist wants to use his art to touch the deepest part of people, to make them feel something, that is an act of absolute intimacy. Now before you get all squeamish thinking this post is going to get all PG-13 or R-rated, it will not. I do not mean that kind of intimacy. Most of us are guarded in our emotions and hesitant to let people in, or let people get close. Music though has a way of circumventing those defenses. However, it usually takes a profound piece of music to accomplish it and an artist adept in interpreting such. Without an honest guide who is filled with depth and emotion, music can be come a cacophony of unorganized sound unable to connect with the listener. As you all know, I believe G.O is an honest guide. One filled with depth and emotion who is able to connect with all who will listen.

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