The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 516

Recently G.O updated his Instagram profile picture to a picture of himself during the Broken era. It brought back a flood of memories of that very special time in the spring of 2014. I wondered if he was feeling nostalgic and what could have prompted that picture choice. Not that I am complaining. Hardly. He completely owned the elegance of that era with a mature sophistication that fully complemented his evolution and growth as an artist. But while he was going all nostalgic with Broken, I found myself going nostalgic with Mirror. It is a G.O One Shot .gif day but since it is a new week, I am going to supplement it with a couple of pictures.


It was 10 June 2015 and MBLAQ’s first stage of their comeback. The stage was lit in hues of blue perfect for the somber tone of Mirror. Emotion began to build as the syncopated rhythm of the song slowly increased. Sometimes (more like, most of the time) when I watch G.O perform this song there are moments when it seems as if a knife slices through him and anguish and pain pour out all over him as he sings.

It is impossible to deny the breadth and scope of how profoundly deep this man feels and lives. We may never get to know him personally to fully understand it, but we certainly will get to experience the intensity of it so long as he is willing to continue sharing it through his art.



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