The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 515

In the early evening hours of Friday, 14 July, G.O served up his first Survival Report of July and quite possibly came close to breaking Instagram and the internet in the wake of it. With his steady updates since completing one year of service back in February of this year, we have seen him in various locales, all quite benign with the most notable locale being his beautiful recording studio. Never though has he opened the doors to the boudoir and invited us in. On Friday, he did just that and my rapid and irregular heart rate has yet to return to normal.

Shirtless and full of smolder, this is by far G.O’s most dangerous selca to date. Dangerous because it creates a weakness in the knees causing balance next to impossible. Dangerous because it causes irregular heartbeats and potential hyperventilation. Dangerous because it makes some of us more elderly fangirls forget age, reason and decorum. Dangerous because he is an intoxicating blend of sweet and sexy. And, he knows it!! In his thoughtful and steady sharing of survival reports, I think G.O is beginning to make it increasingly difficult to, well . . . survive.

There are 7 more months of potential survival reports to anticipate. Hang on tight, G.Oddesses!!

[Image cr. G.O]


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