The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 513

As I sit down to write my 513th post of this series I am even surprised by my own perseverance. Then I consider the subject and realize there will never be enough time to say all that I would want to say and share about this amazing bias of mine. Oh I am sure the number of eye rolls exceed the number of days thus completed but I will not waiver in my support. I knew that when G.O made his mark on me back in April 2014, I was in it for the long haul. I have loved every moment of this journey. In looking over my countdown log, I note that it has been some time since I gave Mirror some love. All of the sudden I had this incredible urge to see some G.O-focused cam of him performing Mirror. So back we go for this Fan-Camming Friday to early August 2015 when our trio performed at the KT Wiz Civic Supporters Festival.

The summer of Mirror and G.O in a fedora created a perfect storm of charm, sophistication and sexy. G.O looks great in any style of hat, cap, beanie or the like. But a fedora has an extra special allure in the way it hovers over one eye adding swag, mystique and style. G.O and that fedora were inseparable, and I loved it. It was a switch to see him in white for the KT Wiz fest, but what perfect balance of light and dark. Black fedora. White shirt. Black pants. Oh sweet symmetry!

For this performance G.O engaged in very little choreography and I like it because it allows us to just focus on him, even while he is not singing. In the idle moments when he does not have to sing (or dance) I always wonder what he is thinking about, or what he is feeling at that moment.

Clearly while G.O is singing, he is caught up in the emotion of the music, lyrics and story of the song wherein his body simply cannot fight the electricity that moves through it as a result. For me, that is movement enough. In his stillness however is a calm that is ever comforting, beautiful and serene. *Long, long sighs*


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