The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 512

Ok, I cannot deny that I am completely enamored by G.O’s current focus on living a healthy lifestyle and the way in which it seems to have been infiltrating his recent survival report chat sessions with fans. You will recall his hearty suggestion to take probiotics during one session and most recently, he urged us to add brazil nuts to our diets suggesting that we would reap health benefits immediately. It is impossible to not adore this man and the fact that he wants his A+ nation to be happy and healthy….lol! This all made me start to think about the Real Men episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Manager.

When I first began my G.O journey and looked at him from a purely physical standpoint, I always viewed him as a pretty near to perfect physical specimen. I thought he was evenly proportioned, with wonderfully broad shoulders, muscular and fit. Even when he gained a little weight, he stilled looked wonderful me. However, where he is at now physically is no match to how he seems to be emotionally and mentally. I don’t know, but based upon his survival reports and chat sessions alone, he seems to have reached balance in all three and yes, that includes peak physical condition. Back during the airing of Idol Manager in the autumn of 2012, G.O was pretty close his current fitness mark (probably even better now!), and at that time, proved to be one of the most fit in group.

In Episode 4 of Idol Manager the managers reminded the group that they were coming on the third anniversary of their debut and as such should do something special for their fans. Preparation for that included a challenge to become real men. I’m sorry but G.O has always been and continues to be a real man! I digress…hehehe. The challenge, you will recall, would be to assess the fitness of each of the guys as well as put them through a demanding circuit training workout as well as an inter-group boxing match all under the guidance of trainer and boxer, Kim Jihoon.

Our cheeky and charming main vocal proved to be pound for pound one of the most fit of the bunch. Joon may have had the lowest body fat, but our G.O owned the most muscle. Whoooop!!^^

I actually thought with his reach and height, Cheondung would have proved to be a difficult opponent for G.O. But G.O’s lower center of gravity gave him an advantage over CD. Being a lefty, I would have thought G.O would have taken a southpaw stance leaving his dominant hand to cross with more power. But no, he defeated CD with a couple of powerful left jabs.

The best part . . . that post match hug. *Sighs*

I honestly hope that G.O looks back on these variety moments with warmth, smiles and pride in knowing that as crazy as some of things he and the guys may have done, they brought such joy and laughter to the fans nevertheless, and lots of it. As I am nostalgic by nature, I am enjoying all of these moments from G.O’s past as I work through the 730 days of his service. There are 219 days remaining and as such, much fun is still to be had along the way.


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