The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 501

The point of G.O offering up survival reports is to ensure his adoring and patiently waiting fans that is he is healthy, happy and doing well. It may also serve to remind us that he is thinking of us as much as we are thinking of him. Whatever it is, he is making it more and more difficult to survive the reports; however, that in no way means he should stop! On the contrary, we need more like he shared back on 25 June for his No. 2 Survival Report of that month.

There no longer is vocabulary adequate enough for me to describe him. He is Jung Byung Hee. He is G.O. He is a dream and a heavenly troubadour. Whether he would accept it, entertain it or believe it at all, he is a muse to many of us who are inspired to do what he does: make the world a little more bright, a little more beautiful and a little more special.


[Image cr. G.O]

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