Well, well, well…I have been wondering what our dashing leader has been up to these past few months. It seems he has preparing a final gift for his adoring A+ before he enlists and begins his military service. That gift is coming by way of a solo Japanese CD/DVD package and a four day event in Japan where he will be meeting his fans. As much as I would love to see him, I am sure he will forgive me for not being able to come to Japan as I am saving my pennies (and vacation time) to welcome my main MBLAQ man back after completing his own military service in February 2018. However, I figured out a way to honor our leader and that is to help his USA+ purchase his CD package. Yes, I am putting together a group order. Yay!!!!

Seung Ho will release his solo Japanese CD entitled Demoaitaiyo [But I Want To See You] in July. It is a 5-package CD set:

Type A: CD + DVD
Type B: CD + DVD
Type C: CD + Photobook
Type D: CD + Photobook
Type E: CD + Photobook

The selling period at Ivy Records in Japan is July 1 through July 31. I am offering USA+ the opportunity to purchase the package by way of a group order as I have a confirmed account with shipping liaison Tenso. Please understand the shipping protocol for this order. Once Ivy Records receives the order, they ship to a Japanese address Tenso has assigned to me. Once Tenso receives the package, I am notified with the shipping cost of the package from Japan to the US. Finally, once I receive the package, I will have to ship it out to USA+ who have purchased the CD package. I just wanted to be clear regarding the shipping as it gets pricey.^^

The total cost for purchase of Seung Ho’s Japanese CD package: $150USD

Initial Price: 12,280¥ ($110USD) ~ includes CD package and domestic shipping in Japan
International Shipping: $30 (Tenso shipping to US)
US Domestic Shipping: $10

Payments will be accepted via PayPal at: anjani_ma@yahoo.com
(If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact me for alternative payment arrangements.)


After you submit payment, please complete the form below:



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