The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 491

Even if G.O believes that he cannot choose clothes, it is pretty safe to say that clothes can choose him and choose him well. Whatever he wears – be it of his own choice or the choice of a stylist or costume director, those finely woven pieces of fabric will invariably look balanced, comfortable, classy and fashionable. I have said it very often because it is true, clothes wear G.O very well. I would like to remind him (and all) of just that with my One Shot .gif today. Yes, today I want to revisit how he lit up the runway helping out designer Park Jong Chul during Seoul Fashion week in the autumn of 2012.

G.O also mentioned in his chat session on 11 June that as a result of his not being able to choose clothes, he always wears black. Inasmuch as I think he looks exceptionally fine in black, I think he should not ignore the fact that he looks equally exquisite in white.

And while it is true that we have probably not see him in every color on the spectrum, it is safe to say that G.O’s perfect physique and gorgeous skin tone easily complement every shade and every hue ~ every time.

*For reals*






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