The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 472

Is it possible to find a Vocal Virtuosity moment during a Korean game show? Absolutely! Back in April 2011, our main vocal man along with leader Seung Ho appeared on 1 vs. 100, a game show that was originally developed by a Dutch-based media company that saw its concept grow worldwide. Along with many other countries, South Korea had its version as well. The basic concept pitted one contestant against a panel consisting of 100 people. If the contestant was able to eliminate the entire 100 by answering questions correctly, he or she would walk away with a large cash prize. Frankly, I am not sure I would be able to answer anything after hearing G.O sing. Even the few bars of 다시 [Again] stun me. However, it makes for a perfect short and sweet Vocal Virtuosity moment for Day 472 and, there is a bonus: he sings with Seung Ho.

The full package of hearing G.O sing while also being able to see him while he singing is virtually paralyzing for me. Throw in some charming humor and our gregarious Byung Hee becomes a hundredfold more attractive.

I love the way G.O’s cute little chuckle prompts Seung Ho to start laughing. Really, can anyone make Seung Ho laugh the way G.O can? I have expounded extensively upon the many reasons why I find G.O attractive. In this particular clip, it is his combination of talent, humor and charm that bowl me over. Even though I may not understand much of what G.O says when he speaks it doesn’t matter. See, in addition to listening to him sing all day long, I am equally enamored hearing G.O speak.

Then again, maybe I am just enamored. Period.


[Video cr. AbsoluteMBLAQ]

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