The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 470

The sweetness of debut G.O always sends a flutter or two through my heart. Of course, I find him to be completely endearing in every era, this is true. But when I take a look back at the early, early days, like debut days, I see an eager excitement in the smile of his eyes. Bright and anticipating. Full of hope and passion. We all know G.O was no stranger to the idol/group lifestyle and dynamic having lived it briefly with Tykeys. But I remember an interview where he said something to the effect that when he joined MBLAQ, it was like he was reborn, as if he was getting a second chance at life. A life he envisioned himself living, the life of an artist creating music that would touch hearts. This desire to create something beautiful and gift it to the world is perhaps the foundational aspect of fan service. Today some early shades of G.O’s sweet fan service from way back in December 2009.

On 12 December 2009, MBLAQ’s schedule was loaded. First, there was a Music Core performance. Then, there was the CBS Concert. Finally, there was a mini album debut (Just Blaq) celebration that included a fan sign and fan meeting. This was not the group’s first fan meeting but it was one of the early ones. Clearly all of the guys were getting their footing while interacting with fans and it would take a little time before G.O unleashed his mischief.

Nevertheless, the one constant that was as present then as it is today (and no doubt forever will be) is G.O’s polite and gracious manner. Old girls like me really LOVE a gentleman, especially one as gentlemanly as G.O!

Sometimes I think I would have been completely satisfied just watching G.O interact with fans had I not had the opportunity to experience his kindness first hand. I have been kicking around this quirky planet for quite some time now so I can pretty much declare with confidence that I have met none sweeter and more gracious than Jung Byung Hee.

~ 😘  ~

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