The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 464

G.O is unquestionably the magnet that pulls the compass of my heart in his direction, in every way. True, I am smitten. And indeed every picture I see is his best, every performance better than the last and every fan sign fancam a golden treasure of his devout fan service. I have visited the 31 July 2011 Mokdong fan sign here on the Countdown awhile ago, but that was by way of photographs. Today is Fan-Camming Friday, and I want to return to Mokdong and that particular fan sign because I am simply in the mood for a soft G.O, in both his style and in the tranquil and sometimes coy gazes within which he looked out into the room at his loving A+.

The soft sophistication of the white button shirt framed by a double-breasted vest could have seemed formal, but G.O wears clothes with such ease and comfort. He has a way of making everything he wears warm and inviting, yet masculine all the same. Something about the way he cuffs his long-sleeved shirts above his forearms. Oh my . . . his shapely wrists and powerful forearms have no match.

He also possesses some of the sweetest shy smiles ever.

And, his patient and indomitable fan service is never contrived, pretentious or fake. Truly, this man is the epitome of genuine.

The real deal.

~😍 ~

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