The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 462

I am going to declare with great confidence that MBLAQ indeed has produced more than one capable actor among its members. G.O’s supporting role as Director Jeon Dong Gil in the thoughtful comedy, 아빠는 딸 [Daddy You, Daughter Me] may not have given him many scenes or pages of dialogue, but it did prove a few things. I am going to take this 462nd day of G.O’s service to point them out.

I am still waiting for the DVD release of 아빠는 딸 [Daddy You, Daughter Me] so I can make it a permanent piece of my G.O collectibles. However, I did see a link to the movie floating out there on the internet and subsequently saw that it was uploaded to You Tube (and possibly other places) so yes, my curiosity to see G.O in his film debut got the best of me and I watched it. In fact, I watched the entire film without subtitles. Although I may not have understood everything word for word, I still understood the gist of the story and I thought it was delightful. And no . . . I am NOT saying this just because my heavenly bias was cast in a supporting role.

But it was sure nice to see him! As I mentioned in the opening of this post, I noticed a few things about our blossoming young actor in the brief scenes wherein he graced the screen. First (and probably most importantly), I noticed how much G.O has matured as an actor. I have a feeling experience he gained on the musical stage has given his acting added dimension and confidence. I am hungry to see him in more substantial roles playing a characters with more depth and complexity because I think he is ready for that challenge. G.O could have easily made Director Dong Gil a caricature of some of the typical arrogant directors we have seen in Korean film and drama. But there was none of that. I got the sense that Dong Gil was authoritative yet fair.

G.O’s scenes may have been brief, but they oozed with gravitas. That gravitas only added to another element I took note of during his scenes: his screen presence. G.O seems more sure of himself and grounded as an actor. Inasmuch as this was not a demanding role that required research or coaching, G.O nevertheless had to grasp some concept and understanding of who Dong Gil was as well as his importance and position at the Shangpree Spa Care System company. He certainly did have the look and feel of an executive and is an absolute killer in a suit and tie. *For real*

Finally (and not surprising to me), G.O proved once again that he possesses a quiet charisma that sneaks up on you and captures your attention. We have all experienced this while watching and listening to him sing but I think you may agree that that charisma is equally as potent on film.  Moreover, there is just something so intrinsically likable about him. I am confident that if given more opportunity, G.O will prove that much like his ability to convincingly interpret the story of a song, he is equally capable of bringing a character to life as an actor in drama or film.

Here is a nice compilation of G.O’s scenes from아빠는 딸 [Daddy You, Daughter Me].


[Video cr. SGM1510]


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