The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 453

It was very fortunate that there was so much buzz around the revival of 바람의나라 [The Kingdom of the Winds] which actually kind of amazes me since it had its first run in 2006, and remained relevant and popular eight years later. It is a fascinating story that weds history with mysticism and fantasy during turbulent and violent times when unstable kingdoms were breeding grounds for war, betrayal and tragedy. I have mentioned often (but I am SO proud of G.O for being a part of this magical musical), that the 2014 production was particularly special because of G.O being cast as the vulnerable Prince Hodong. Today, in keeping with my celebration of Kingdom, a short musical stage moment captured during early press previews.

As magical as this musical is, I would be hard-pressed to accept anyone in the role of Prince Hodong again…ever, unless it was G.O. He became that young prince in aura, thought and physicality. It was wonderful to watch G.O peel back the layers of his experienced adult self to rediscover the innocence of youth, and to understand the young idealistic mind of a child not yet jaded by a corrupt and dissonant kingdom.

I really believe that G.O’s sensitive heart will always be a barometer in helping him find the connect in his art. I think if he allows his heart to continue to be the guide in any of his artistic endeavors, we are in for some amazing things from our talented G.O.


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