The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 440

For awhile there in the early days of this series, I was pummeling the Countdown with lots of posts about the various endorsements G.O was involved in which were primarily clothes and accessories. Today it hit me that I have not done one in a really long time. I am pretty sure there are more floating out there than I have touched on here thus far. Today, just a quick flashback to when he gave clothing and accessory brand Codes Combine some love. The jacket above is a Codes Combine piece that he wore during the broadcast of his final visit to Immortal Song 2.

The Codes Combine brand seems to have a little bit of everything that meshes well with G.O’s style. From nicely cut suit jackets to comfortable athletic wear, Codes Combine provides a well-rounded selection that he could easily utilize in professional situations as well when he was just hanging out with friends. Cool vibe all around and that suits our charming young artist comfortably well.

Did you notice that G.O has been rocking the Codes Combine look from as early as debut through 2013? Looking good, too.  I find the styles overall have a comfortable versatility that suits G.O perfectly. But then, everything pretty much wears well on him.



[Image cr. as tagged]


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