The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 439

The premise was simple – complete an athletic task and the crowd (which was predominately, if not all, comprised of your fan base) would be rewarded for your success. Seems easy, right? Well, it proved to be somewhat challenging ~ albeit entertaining ~ for our fit and fab main vocal man when he had to become a rhythmic gymnast for the day as part of KBS2’s athletic variety program Let’s Go! Dream Team.

First of all, the filming of this episode occurred on 19 May 2013 while MBLAQ were preparing for their Sexy Beat comeback. The episode aired on 8 June 2013 after promotions began. So they were pretty much at the peak of fitness, as you can imagine, and in tip top shape.

I have not watched this episode in a long time but while searching for some G.O fan service moments, stumbled upon this fancam of him happily distributing bread snacks to the fans, and all of the sweet fun feels returned. I remembered our beautiful dream team were successful in their gymnastic endeavors on the show and hence, the snacks were being heartily distributed.

Have I mentioned how adorable G.O is, lately? Yeah, probably a couple few hundred million times! It’s what I do best. <ha-ha>

It is always good to start the new week…and, wait, NEW MONTH, on a happy note. Yes, it is Day 439 of G.O’s service, a Monday, and the first day of May. A fun variety moment is rather perfect for today. The entire hour long episode is a blast, but you know how I roll here. I will focus on some G.O moments, of course. I am sure everyone has watched the episode but for a little refresher/backstory here is a quick run down of what was what that day.

Five idols meet five members of the Sejong Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and all compete in designated events (ribbon, ball, hoop and clubs). Once the gymnasts were paired with their MBLAQ partners, the competition began. It was not arbitrary, though. No, the gymnasts had to engage in a game of limbo against each other to decide the order in which they were going to choose which member of MBLAQ would be their partner. After that came the strenuous partner limbo. What?? Kind of crazy,  yes. Sadly, my encouraging cheers fell on deaf ears as my athletic, but maybe not-so-limber bias was eliminated first. Boo!!!

After the blossoming gymnasts (MBLAQ) were coached by their partners in the event they would be competing, the competition began. The mission: All 10 participants to successfully perform their event with no fails. If one failed, they all had to start over. They had ten attempts to get it right. Although Joon and G.O were the two that broke the flow in the first five attempts, the sixth was the charm and all ten (MBLAQ and their gymnast partners) successfully completed the task and the fans were joyfully fed.

It was extremely entertaining and fun. Additionally, it is always great to watch G.O (and of course MBLAQ) take part in something so far out of their comfort zone and do it well. I was pleasantly surprised by G.O’s strength and focus ~ when he wasn’t goofing around, that is!

Here are some G.O moments from that day:

~ 🤣  😘  ❤️  😘  🤣 ~

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