The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 414

With the array of selcas G.O has generously gifted us throughout the month of February alone, and then the couple he surprised us with last month, it is difficult to come up with pictures that could top those. But One Shots were created to span the frontier of the many glorious captures of G.O. And for purposes of this specific category, that means pictures that do not fall within the selca spectrum. Inasmuch as a selca pretty much trumps all other pictures, I am nevertheless going to continue digging into the G.O vault for pics, .gifs and fan art to honor this category throughout the remaining days of his service. Remember after G.O opened his Instagram account, he was steadily posting (much to our delight)? He recently deleted a good many of those early pictures but thankfully gave us plenty of time to save them for our own personal archives. I want to share one of those early pics today.

After promotions for Mirror ended, there were a few public appearances by our beautiful trio and some live performances but overall things got quiet. When G.O opened his Instagram account back in December 2015, it was quite exciting as he seemed to be fully content on the SNS front with his well-established Twitter account. Still, when he joined IG and it being December and all, it was not only a wonderful surprise, it was one of the best holiday gifts we could have received from him. He wasted no time posting. This is one of my personal favorites. It is not a close up and he is not even looking at the camera, but I love the composition of it nonetheless. The way the light is shining on him looks like warm sunlight. And, he looks so comfortably cozy in that soft grey hoodie.

G.O posted this Instagram picture on New Year’s Day 2016. His message was sweet and simple:

새해 복 많이 받으시고 건강하세요 사랑합니다!

He wished us a lot of happiness for the new year, to stay healthy and that he loved us. Awwwww…..😍!

These early Instagram pictures were somewhat mysterious in that whomever he was with was often taking the picture, sending it to him and he was posting it. In fact many of those pictures were of him looking at his phone, just as this one. So cheeky and adorable. I admit however that it was great to see him start turning the camera on himself once again, for G.O’s selca game is, was and has always been, way strong!


[Image cr. G.O]

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