The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 363

If you have been following this series (or even my blog in general), you know how very sentimental I am and how I enjoy commemorating special dates, milestones, and memorable moments. Today happens to be one of those days as one year ago today, G.O stepped upon the stage and sang for us one more time before entering military training camp four short days thereafter. It is silly, but for some reason remembering that snowy Valentine’s Day is making me tremendously emotional as I sit down to write. I write through my tears often so it is ok that they fall today. I chose to write a Vocal Virtuosity moment for today as the time is actually quite perfect to revisit G.O’s performance of his incredibly smooth and sweet Play That Song from the I.Callist Vocal Idol Show on 14 February 2016.

It called back the memories with you
How are you doing these days?
This moment, this space, this music has been filled with you . . .

It was the last song of his set that Valentine’s Day evening. I never wanted it to end. When I look back at that show I wonder how the promoters, producers, etc., determined in what order the four vocalists were going to sing. Did G.O request to go first? I don’t know. All I know is that even though each song was sung in it’s given tempo and G.O patient, gracious and charming while chatting with the audience in between the songs, it all moved far too fast and before I knew it, he left the stage….and left us to enter training camp.

I love you, let’s be forever happy
These lyrics that I used to sing along to makes me miss you even more
It rewinds even after the music ends, time rewinds too . . .

Each lyric, each note, each breath . . . was perfect in every way.

Just like this amazingly talented and gracious man. I miss him.

We can’t go back to the past now
But… if only I can see you
just once more time . . .

 ~💙 ~

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    • Michele says:

      Hi Janus!! Yes….so wonderful. He is the most charming and handsome. I completely agree!! I hope you are doing well.~♡♡

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