The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 318

It is officially the last day of 2016. My Countdown log states that it is a G.O One Shot day and as I shuffled through the many pictures I have crowding my hard drive of this gorgeous man, I stopped dead in my tracks when I hit a few shots of G.O in the . . . well, I am going to suggest, iconic blue pin-striped suit of the Sexy Beat era and said to myself, ‘oh yes, I found my New Year’s Eve One Shot.’

I repeatedly break my own rules but that’s ok, right? You don’t mind if a One Shot turns into a three shot today, do you?

Sexy . . .

Adorable . . .

And a little bit of both . . .

Can there be anything more disarming that a man who is quietly sexy and adorable yet so unassumingly so in the wake of it?


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